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Energy and Trees

You already know that trees are beautiful to look at. But did you know that trees also help us save energy and reduce air pollution?

tree plantingSaving energy

A big, leafy shade tree helps keep us cool during the summer. If that tree is shading the whole house, that means we don't have to use as much electricity for air conditioning.

Trees also help keep us warmer in the winter. Many schools have rows of evergreen trees around their buildings to a block the cold winter wind.

Reducing air pollution

Carbon dioxide exists naturally in the air, but factories, cars and trucks put too much carbon dioxide into the air.
Trees take in the carbon dioxide for their own food - then turn it into oxygen for us to breathe!

You can help plant trees

Planting a tree is a great way for kids like you to make a big impact on the environment. You could organize a big planting event at your school, or you can help your mom or dad plant a tree at home.

You can keep new trees healthy by watering them regularly and adding mulch in the springtime. You could even help rake up the leaves in the fall!