Innovations in energy are everywhere at Alliant Energy.

Alliant Energy's goals

We are working toward some important goals to:

  • reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our generating stations.
  • stop using coal in our generating stations.
  • reduce how much water we use to generate electricity.
  • replace many of our company vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs.)

Diverse energy mix

Just like it's good to eat different types of food to stay healthy, it's good to have a variety of energy sources to power our lives. Using a mix of energy sources makes the power system more reliable, because we can switch between sources when it makes sense.

By using renewable sources in the energy mix, we can reduce carbon emissions and help the earth. We are transitioning to cleaner, renewable energy in both of the states we serve. This includes building and expanding wind farms and solar gardens. Learn more about our progress in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Dubuque, Iowa solar farm from the air

Energy storage

Solar and wind energy are great, but the sun isn't always shining and the wind isn't always blowing. By connecting giant batteries to our solar gardens and wind farms, we can save up extra energy and use it later on.

aerial view of a battery energy storage system

Smart meters

Alliant Energy has installed smart meters at our customers’ homes and businesses. These meters immediately notify us of a power outage, so we can start solving the problem right away. We will also be able to help our customers better understand how they are using energy, and how they can save energy.


We use drones to safely inspect the blades of a wind turbine or the top of a stack at a generating station. Drones can be our eyes in places where it’s difficult or dangerous to send people.