Innovations in energy are everywhere at Alliant Energy. We’re using the best in technology to move toward cleaner power. You see this in our wind farms and solar gardens. Our plans will lead to huge reductions in the carbon dioxide produced by our generating stations. (Specifically, a 40% reduction by 2030, and an 80% reduction by 2050). How old will you be in 2050? That year will mark Alliant Energy’s elimination of coal. We’re investing in wind energy, which will supply nearly a third of our produced power by 2030.

Today, we’re using technology in numerous ways. You’ve learned about the meters on houses that record energy use. Over the last several years, we’ve been installing “smart meters” at our customers’ homes and businesses. This technology immediately notifies Alliant Energy of a power outage, so we can start solving the problem right away.

Drones are also helping us at Alliant Energy. We’ve used them to safely inspect the blades of a wind turbine or the top of a stack at a generating station. Drones can be our eyes in places where it’s difficult or dangerous to send people.

Energy beyond tomorrow

In the future, energy advancements will continue to focus on renewable energy. Harnessing wind, solar, water and earth energy will help us continue to be more environmentally friendly and less dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels. Storing renewable energy is the next big step. If we can figure out how to store that excess renewable energy, we will be able to provide even more clean energy for all.

Solar energy harvested from space? Flying wind farms? Electric vehicles that go 625 miles on a single charge? 3D-printed solar energy trees? Sounds like some pretty crazy dreams, right? Each of these are real projects, with real results, happening across the world right now. Just imagine what the future holds!