Trees help us save energy.

A big, leafy shade tree helps keep us cool during the summer. If that tree is shading the house, it reduces the need for electricity to run the air conditioner.

Trees also help keep us warmer in the winter. Many schools, businesses and farms have rows of evergreen trees around their buildings to a block the cold winter wind.

a house with trees in winter and summer

Trees reduce air pollution.

Carbon dioxide exists naturally in the air, but factories, cars and trucks put too much carbon dioxide into the air. Trees can help with that too. Trees take in the carbon dioxide through their leaves for their food and turn it into oxygen for us to breathe.

sun through trees

Get planting!

Planting a tree is a great way for kids like you to make a big impact on the environment. You could organize a planting event at your school, or you can help your family plant a tree at home.

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mom and daughter planting a tree