The way we interact with our homes is changing.

man holding a tablet with a smart home app

Our homes are becoming “smart”. A “smart home” is designed with the intention of making life easier for the people who live there.

What’s happening in a smart home? Let’s take a look at a few possibilities.

  • All around the house. Lights turn on and off automatically with your movements. The temperature in your home adjusts to maximize energy efficiency. Your parents receive alerts for all sorts of things: garage door open, stove left on, dog needs fed. Windows and doors trigger an alarm if they open unexpectedly. Even the curtains know when to open and close.
  • In the bedroom. Lights slowly brighten when you want to wake up. The fan stays on until you go to sleep, then turns off to save energy. Nightlights know when you get out of bed and brighten your path to the bathroom.
  • In the bathroom. Your shower automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature. The fan adjusts to ventilate the bathroom based on current humidity.
  • In the kitchen. The microwave knows to start heating your breakfast when you step out of the shower. Your toaster gets a signal from the microwave to start making your toast. The refrigerator tells your parents when a food is spoiling and writes a grocery list when supplies get low.
  • In the living room. The stereo plays your favorite playlist or a random greeting when you arrive, customized for each family member. The motion sensor sends alerts to your parents if there’s unexpected movement. Lights automatically dim and trigger your TV to turn on for family movie night. Your home theater knows your preferences and is programmed to play your favorites. The gaming system fires up when your friends arrive.
  • In the basement. Moisture sensor alerts at the first sign of a leak. The washing machine and dryer automatically adjust based on the type of load.
  • Outside. The garage door automatically opens and closes. The sprinkler system knows the forecast and only waters when rain isn’t expected. Outdoor lamps sense movement at night and light the way to the door. The mailbox tells adults when mail has been delivered. Your yard alerts you if the dog has left its designated area.

How many of these technologies are you already using in your home?